out on a limb...

...it’s a ladybug

or perhaps i should say

a branch

along with butterflies - ladybugs have also been scarce - these summer months - i had figured with the - community garden going in - all the plants, veggies - and flowers to munch on - the ladies would be - abounding in the garden - but alas, it just never came - to fruition at all - this little one is but - maybe the third or fourth - i’ve seen all summer

so it was with great delight - i snapped several shots of it - scurrying along as it - maintained perfect balance - on this tiny plant branch - once it realized i had zeroed in - on it, the poor thing became - a bit frantic so i chose - to back off not wanting - to scare it any more - than necessary - besides it had already led to...


happy day.....

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