James' Diary

By JaneyDrury


Today, Baby James is 1.5 years old!

As a parent, you seem to spend a lot of time worrying about what your child can't do yet, rather than all the things they can do,

So, as it stands, we are very proud that James...
1) sleeps through for 13 hours minimum a night
2) keeps his hands to himself, and doesn't feel the need to hit other children (you'd be surprised how violent 18 month olds can be)
3) can sit at peace and occupy himself when I need to do housework
4) can count to 7 and understands that it is a quantity, and not just words to repeat

Since having a baby, I've found the coffee machine to be very helpful; primarily because of the caffeine hit, but as a secondary function it's great at taking the chill off milk with the steamer arm. James knows the sound of it going off and toddles through as fast as he can to watch and wait. I'd hoped he'd look cute so I could grab a quick photo, and got this.

Please excuse his need for a haircut.

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