Spoor of the Bookworm

By Bookworm1962

The Prodigal

Tilly has a history of disappearing. If either of my other cats vanish for even a day then the alarm bells start to ring and the search parties fan out across the landscape, but not with Tilly. She regularly disappears for a day or two, or three and then marches in demanding to be fed and spoiled. This time though I thought she'd decided to move out once and for all. She hasn't been seen for at least 10 days....and then just when I'd given up hope in she saunters and far from being thin and bedraggled she is fat and sleek, much fatter than she was when she left.

Having emptied her bowl, growled at ASBO, and received her rightful share of affection from Catie, she now deigns to notice me and, satisfied that I am in the same position as when she left, she resumes her place behind my knees and goes to sleep.

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