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Joyful Reunion (Monday 23rd September 2019)

I had a surprise phonecall from the garage at lunchtime to say Archana had a new steering column and was ready for collection. I went over to collect it almost straight away. The garage is opposite the Town Gardens as you can see from the Extra.
I had a camera round my neck ready to record Archie's return and this led to a chat with one of the proprietors about the hobbies that have recently been photographed and shown online swooping over the ponds at Hills Pools nearby, and also of the sad fate of Calne's Harris Hawk. This has become a favourite of the locals over the last couple of years, fending very well for itself. It had jessies on its feet so had obviously belonged to someone though hadn't been reported missing and nobody had managed to read the number on its ring tag. Sadly, it had been discovered in a bad state and obviously wounded, and despite best efforts by the rescue centre it had died of a deep puncture wound below its wing, either following an attack or as a result of being shot at. People, eh?
As well as being a joyful reunion it was also a tearful farewell involving my wallet, as the repairs came to two-thirds of the car's entire trade-in value. I drove it home, had lunch, and then the rains came down.
24.9.2019 (1101 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Dr Strangely Strange - Dark Haired Lady (1969)
Whilst reading/re-reading Mojo for June 2009 I also played the excellent CD that came with it. Called Island Folk it celebrated 50 years of the Island record label. Coincidentally I had also read a few things elsewhere about Dr Strangely Strange, an experimental folk group from Dublin who at times could be compared to the Incredible String Band, with whom they shared a producer and manager in Joe Boyd. I enjoyed this track which came from their debut album, Kip of the Serenes.

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