Too much

Way too much.....

5(!) liters of Federweißer (new wine, young wine).
An annual present from a lady I work with. I offered it to everybody, colleagues, neighbours, even my sisters. I had two glasses myself, one today, one yesterday. I don't know what to do with the rest of it (I'd guess a little less than 2 liters); impossible to drink it all by myself. Tastes like sweet lemonade, gets you drunk faster than you can think. And if you drink too much you need a toilette nearby the next day. Forget I said that. The jar doesn't fit in the fridge and I can't store it much longer (too warm) on the balcony. It should be drunk along with onion cake, but I had no time to bake any and forgot to look for it at the bakery.

19:45; 14°C

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