An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The Quiraing


I fell asleep to the sound of bleating sheep and woke up to the sound of a cockerel crowing, thankfully at some distance.

I peeked out the curtain and was delighted to witness the most beautiful sunrise.  Everyone else  was still asleep, so I resisted the urge to find my camera, plus I didn't want to be responsible for waking the girls as I know they are light sleepers and their parents are pretty sleep deprived as it is!  Instead I just sat and watched the wonder of it unfold before my eyes.  

Of course such indulgence then saw us running slightly later than planned so it was a rush to get ready, grab some tea and toast (I had my toast served to me on a Queen Elsa  plate.  That doesn't happen every day :-))  

We were given a fantastic send off from Sharon, Lewa and the girls just after 8am, and we headed west on the most spectacular road that took us over the Quiraing (which looked amazing in the early morning sun.  Unfortunately most of the photos I took on the way are blurry!  I really hate that lens!  But I've stuck one of the less blurry ones in extras.) 

Sharon and Lewa's house has the most amazing outlook.  Straight out the lounge window is the view I put in extras yesterday.  Move your eye's slightly to the left and you are looking straight at the Quiraing.   What a stunning location!

If the view up and over the Quiraing was impressive, it was just as stunning as we came over the brow of the ridge to begin our decent to Uig on the west coast.  It literally took my breath away! 

Onto the ferry without any problems and grabbed a coffee and a sandwich before sitting outside on the deck of the ferry, in our shirt sleeves!  I'll say that again.  In our shirt sleeves!  We actually had to move out of the sun as it was too warm.  I couldn't believe it.  We have packed jumpers, cardigans, wooly hats, jackets, body warmers etc convinced that even if the weather was dry and sunny, it would also be cold and windy.  Nope.  It was like a beautiful summer's day and everywhere we looked was the most glorious shade of blue.  Not a breath of air.  Of course this made for a very smooth crossing across the Minch.  Hope the return journey is just as good.

We arrived in Tarbert an hour and forty minutes later (first thing I saw was the Harris Distillery.  We shall return ;-)) and had a very pleasant drive up to Stornoway, gasping at the scenery around every corner.

Christine's mum-in-law P and her sister S, who look after the holiday house for Christine were there to welcome us.  It was lovely to meet them at last as Christine has told me so much about them.  They are both as lovely as she said and gave us a very warm welcome and guided tour of the house.  They both live close by and said just to give them a shout if we encountered any problems with the house.  Can't imagine we will, its lovely.

We didn't bring any food provisions with us as we wanted to spend as much money in the local economy as possible, so whilst I unpacked, David headed to the shops for supplies, including McLeod's the butchers for some of Stornoway's famous black pudding.  There's no other black pudding like it.

After dinner we went on a sunset chase to Dailbeag beach but access wasn't great for me and I really needed to be at the far end of the beach to catch the sunset properly but it was still beautiful and an absolute pleasure to be there in the beautiful light, the evening still warm and no midges!!  

I think I am going to like it here :-)))

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