Life in Newburgh on Ythan

By Talpa

The Energy Observer

A trip to Peterhead harbour this morning in the hope of seeing something interesting. I was far from disappointed. What follows is from Wikipedia.

This is the Energy Observer, a French vessel launched in April 2017, and the first  in the world to both generate and be powered by hydrogen. Developed in collaboration with engineers from the CEA-LITEN  the boat will test and prove the efficiency of  coupling of different renewable energies. Following its launch, the boat left in the Spring 2017[ for a world tour lasting 6 years in order to optimise its technologies and lead an expedition that will serve durable solutions for energy transition. 
Energy Observer is a project revolving around an experimental vessel and its expedition, that has for main purpose to find concrete, innovative, and successful solutions in favour of energy transition. Due to its technologies, it will be the first vessel in the world capable of producing decarbonized hydrogen on board thanks to an energy mix.
Energy Observer is a floating laboratory, destined to test an innovative energy architecture in extreme conditions, to prove its feasibility offshore. The energy system encompasses 3 renewable energy sources (sun, wind and hydropower) and two types of storage (li-ion batteries for the short-term and hydrogen for the long-term). The ship can produce hydrogen directly onboard, through seawater electrolysis using electricity from solar cells. The goal is to test and optimise these technological bricks, in order to have them working in harmony, and aim toward total energy autonomy. Each year, the vessel will go back to the shipyard to analyse the navigation and the evolution of the embarked technologies.

The extras provide different views of the vessel.

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