... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Nēnē & Emperor

Cuter curves in large.
Extra: Nibblers with curious lighting (light reflected from water and filtered through fence)

I've started uploading my Menorca back blips; I'll probably finish tomorrow, and will post links to them all then...
Rather unpleasant weather today, but I'd planned to go to the Wetland Centre, and didn't allow myself to be put off by the rain; I arrived, and the sky cleared up, and I had the place pretty much to myself! Sunshine and goose-y friends... 
I'd (also) planned to limit myself to taking pictures of the Hawaiian and emperor geese alone, but a flapping magpie goose snuck in; I was still pretty restrained... I usually struggle to choose between Hawaiian and emperor goose pics, but didn't have to today.
I've also temporarily uploaded a couple of extra extras: a photo and an artistic version generated using Studio Artist 5 which I'm currently finding rather intriguing...

Others here (or right from Magpie goose flapping out (1/2))

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