By Ridgeback13


Early meeting with architect and builders. Lots going really well,  but the original kitchen designers made a mistake with the height of the room (how?!) so the joiner's going to have to make his own frames etc to give the 'wall of cupboards' look that I wanted. I kept out of the discussions as they all thought through options and weighed up the various pros and cons. Joiner seems really good though and very accommodating.
Off to the station and met up with hazelh on the Dundee train. We were very focussed on the journey up - both working the whole way and not disturbing the quiet coach with chat, then dashed up to our meeting in the drizzle. 
All went well - ended much quicker than we had expected so we stayed and did some more work since we were booked on a specific train home, and got some good tourist tips for when book group goes to Dublin in November from someone who used to be a tour guide there (the secret cocktail bar sounds good!). Much busier on the train back so we again worked more than chatted, then I headed home and chatted to F about light fittings and colours whilst we watched Grand Designs.....how do these people do it?!

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