.....lovely new growth on my maple, just happened over the last few days, so quick.

I enjoyed a stroll through my garden with a cuppa in hand. Delighted to see camellias in full bloom along with the magnolias, lovely mix of shades of pink, burgundy and white. Some roses are budding up while others are still coming into leaf. Lilies are up and also forming buds while dahlias are breaking the ground. Tiny cream violas are dotted around, so sweet and my first rhododendron President Roosevelt is in flower. Lovely to see my astrantia is on the move and peonies also in leaf. The garden has come alive but also the weeds are having a say, I'll have to sort them out.

I was absolutely delighted to see Mr and Mrs Greenfinch visit the bird bath today. He came down from the trees, had a wee sip and a quick look around, let out a little chirp, then Mrs joined him. They stayed long enough to sip and chat then quickly flitted back up into the trees. I wonder if they're nesting not far away. I didn't rush for the camera, gosh those days have gone, instead stood quietly and watched them, a moment to savour but not capture today.

So spring is well and truly here, it feels good especially after a wild night of thunderstorms, hail and wind.

Happy Thursday everyone :)


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