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By Chamaeleo

Menorca Day 15: Challenging Ye Gods

More hubristic in large.
Extra: Storm and surfers at Santo Tomas (panorama)
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Stormy weather was forecast for the afternoon, so we went to explore the wetlands beyond Addaia in the morning. It was beautiful there (the Camí de Cavalls cuts across the Mongofre estate and past salt pans), and while we only saw a single great egret, we also saw a heron by the salt pans, and red kites and ospreys as we walked back towards Addaia.

The forecast was pretty accurate: the rain arrived as we were heading back to the car, and it got seriously wet and stormy over the course of the afternoon. We had plans to go to Es Migjorn Gran in the evening, so set out early and went for a drink at Santo Tomas to see what the storm looked like from there: there were big waves and surfers (first surf boards I've seen on Menorca) as well as dramatic skies and lightning.
As we returned to the villa later in the evening, lightning lit up the night sky and clouds with extraordinary frequency which was rather exhilarating.

Other photos from this day are here (or right from Sun nestled in clouds)
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