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Silenced by the Blip Police


So my photograph of Boris on the television yesterday has been deleted by the Blip Police without so much as an explanation. I just have to guess why?

I know I asked the question about who cut his hair but that's hardly  defamatory is it?

To make things worse I am not allowed to post a replacement photograph which means that for the first time since 6 January 2013 I have a day missing!


In response to my email asking for an explanation, Blipfoto tell me that the photo was removed by a moderator due to a potential breach of copyright. If I reply to them and say that I wasn’t aware of the copyright issue and promise to behave in the future then they will unblock the date so I can post an alternative non-contentious photo.

There’s  been lots of photos of television screens on Blip in the past that have not been moderated.

I am not inclined to grovel to hard Brexiteer moderators.

Next time I will use a clip from the UK Parliament webcasts as they allow this on their open licence,

Further update:

Blip Central have now accused me of being disrespectful. The factual comment I have made that the copyright rule is inconsistently moderated and that in my opinion the inconsistencies may be influenced by political whims of the moderators seems to have touched a nerve.

Final word

I think SooB has summed things up nicely in her comments here and her final sentence illustrates reasons for inconsistencies, however, whilst these inconsistencies continue to exist, it doesn't get away from the fact that the moderators may be perceived to be used as pawns by those who hit the report button. 

"It is a tricky area, copyright.  Thank you for what you do to keep blip legal and 'on the air'.  Looking at the comments here and elsewhere on the site about consistency, I think folk don't always realise that moderation is a community obligation and that you few actual Moderators can't look at every blip, but only those the community draws to your attention.  

Perhaps its inevitable that (speaking of the UK, at least) the heightened political temperature recently brings out sensitivity to bias.  I hope no-one is suggesting that our mods are biased, though the reporters of blips may be, of course."

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