Took the rake gearcase to my cousin to make the axle fit. Left it there and stopped at Kauttu channel on the way back to take some shots of the still foggy lake. Funny that most of the way (65 km) there was thick fog, even though at home the morning was clear with only little mist on the still pond.

The highway 66 crosses the Kauttu channel and strait on a high bridge which was built in the early 80's. The channel has no locks, but it was needed as the strait was found to be unsuitable for ships in late 19th century. Before the current bridge there was a swing bridge which is still there, see the extra #1. I remember it from my childhood, even though we more often crossed the nearby Murole channel which still has a similar bridge. Funny that the road went straight through the little island between the channel and the strait less than 40 years ago, but now there are big birch trees growing on the former road. The current bridge from the other end in extra #2.

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