By Ronniebofa

85 years young yesterday and Fit4Life

Lee is one of the characters on the Fit4Life programme at the Peak. He celebrated his 85th birthday yesterday. Two years ago he used 2 sticks to attend his first class after surgery to have his second knee replaced. Now he attends classes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday where he is the life and soul of the party and excercises his conversation skills as hard as his muscles. He’s one of the most active pensioners I know and when not at Peak he’s attending Venture and Carer meetings, choir practice, visiting those in care homes and taking fellow pensioners, who are less able, out for meals or coffee with a few cream scones thrown in.
No cream scones or treats when I’m about as he knows I don’t approve of white carbs and empty calories.
Extra shows some of today’s classmates recovering and enjoying some banter in the Village Lounge after today’s Fit4Life class- note absence of ant treats

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