Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


After a lazy start to Thursday, I spent a few hours on the computer editing and deleting photos from the past few weeks, and then adding the survivors of that process to Flickr.

By early afternoon, cabin fever was beginning to set in and I needed to get out and get some fresh air. Went out to catch a bus to Stirling, but missed it. So walked for a bit (the next bus in any direction wouldn't be for a while) and tried to work out the location of the nearest bus stop when the next bus was due. Missed the X35 to Kilsyth, Cumbernauld and Glasgow, but caught an X36 to Glasgow at Haggs instead. (Some people should really get a life!)

Took this photo of Haggs Parish Church while waiting for the bus. I didn't have any further inspiration while in Glasgow and this remained the only photo I took all day.

Had a good walk along the Clyde Walkway in the city centre and got as far as the People's Palace, but it was grey, windy and showery. Got back home about seven. Ready to make another attack on the holiday photos from two weeks ago.

Some Blip entries make for interesting, some for humorous, reading. This, dear reader, ain't one of them. But, hey, welcome to my life.

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