A moment in time

By Skyegirl

The Beatles and Liverpooll

It was absolutely pouring this morning...… Liverpool along with some other cities suffered flooding...… but we didn't see it.  We had a guided tour of Liverpool, with a great guide, a Scouser with a ukulele…...

And because we were on a coach the weather didn't bother us too much, although we were out at various points of the city.  He gave us lots of information, some of which I will remember, lots about the Beatles, but also a great history of Liverpool itself.  There are lots of signatures on the Penny Lane road sign, including Paul McCartney's.

And by the time we were having a 'ferry 'cross the Mersey' the rain had gone off and we even had a blink of sunshine at times.

The HG and I spent the afternoon at the Albert Docks, Liverpool has done this area really well, and instead of filling in the docks, they have made a weir and used the water as a feature.  Lots of eating places, lots of shops, and some museums and galleries.  

We visited the Maritime Museum, ...… Liverpool was the major port in the UK from where people arrived from all over Europe to travel on the America, some made it, some stayed, and this is why there is a big Irish presence in the city, at one time a quarter of the people in the city were Irish, we were told.  This is very similar to Glasgow, but on a larger scale.

On the top floor there is a slavery section which was interesting too, as Liverpool made a lot of money from the slave ships, I am told.

Looking forward to our adventure tomorrow...….

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