One extreme to another!

You may have noticed a lack of baby photos lately. With Marlane and I, and Ruby, and Hendrix, all being ill with colds we've all stayed away from each other. The twins have already had it and they went home a week ago.
Today was a real extreme of weather, it rained, it poured and then it was torrential reminiscent of when I was stationed in Singapore or Gan (Maldives) where we get torrential rain but at least it was warm with it.
during late afternoon and into evening it stopped raining and the sun shone while the clouds (bottom photograph or that just stating the bleeding obvious to quote Monty Python) slowly got pushed away by the wind.
Until tomorrow, or possibly during the night, when the rain returns.
Looks like a wet drive up to Warwickshire tomorrow morning where I am attending a reunion of the Oman RAF Veterans Association.
I was going to ride but with the awful forecast I thought it prudent to drive instead. Staying at the Tillington Hall hotel near Stafford.

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