Corvid Fiesta

By CorvidFiesta

Oberstanserseehütte to Porzehütte

Austrian Alpine huts work earlier than I am used to, so we were up, breakfasted and away before I’m usually awake. It was still misty as we set off up the first part of the day’s walk and rather Baltic, so it was Ron Hills and a waterproof plus gloves for the first 45 minutes. As we got up we gradually emerged out of the mist into clearing skies, but with banks of cloud rolling over the ridges from the north. This meant we had restricted, but good views, Brocken Spectres and hills rising out of the mist and ever present WW1 remains. The walking was along narrow paths and ridges, but very easy walking with good wildflowers and large flocks of Alpine Chough. It gradually became more sunny and warmer but every so often the mist came back. The blip was taken towards the end of day looking south on the flanks of the Wildkarlegg, as the mist swirled around the ridges. The extras are one of the mist in the morning and the second some of the flora and fauna of the day.

Yesterday’s blip. 

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