Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

He's Back!

I was hohumming around with nothing to blip - took a photo of the dog - took a photo of some flowers -  not particularly interesting. Then I happened to look out the window behind me where I sit at my laptop. Well, hello there! And just like that, I had a blip. I really am rather fond of this bear. He's the most mild mannered fellow! Neither of the dogs even noticed him. I went out on the front porch with my camera and got off a few shots and then I stamped my foot (my bare foot - it just sort of went *thump*) and he trotted down the hill. A few seconds later he came back up a little to one side - saw I was still on the porch - and left. I'm pleased to see his hair - which was looking a bit thin back in July or whenever it was I last saw him - has come in nice and thick again.

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