Today it’s rained

... and I was going to go for compost to add to the new bed but then the rain started and I looked at the forecast and decided the compost could probably wait for a dryer day next week.

Instead I’ve been selecting some of my grid composite images for printing. I’ve never printed these before, though have shared some online.  As Ian was so enthusiastic about them at the weekend (which gave me a boost) I thought the next thing I needed to do was to print some of them so I could share more easily.  I was interested to see how well they printed - they are mostly A5 but a couple are A4.  I think the bigger files will easily print to A3.

They clearly belong to different themes - I’ve decided that the ones on the right largely belong to `Bedtime Stories’ as they were created in the evening and some of them are the `stuff’ of nightmares.

Apologies for the ring light glare, I couldn’t get it back any further and the wall is too dark without additional lighting.

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