Barum Rugby

I have been meaning to try my hand at 'sport' photography for some time so took myself to Barnstaple (Barum)'s rugby ground today as they were playing at home, against Camborne.  Thankfully they won 44-13.  Not quite World Cup standard but an enjoyable match.  
I wandered around to where the visitors were (for better shot gaining I hoped) and learned a lot of new words!! 
Amazing the vitriol that appears when one's side is not doing well and that referee - well what they'd have liked to do to him!  Not sensible to turn round and say "Its just a game lads" - so I didn't. But I did think it.  Obviously  each side wants to win but life doesn't always go the way one would wish. Shake yourself down and try better next time.   It started to rain so I left with ten minutes still to go. Barum must have made another try as I checked the result before posting.

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