By Ridgeback13

A moment

Up and out early so I had time for breakfast before catching the train south. Very straightforward trip and managed to get on top of a load of stuff which made me feel much better. A. met me at the station and we went to Stony Stratford for another bit of wedding dress shopping. We didn't see many at first but picked out the one she'd seen on the website and a couple of others and she liked them all....but one seemed particularly right.
We were a bit overwhelmed so decided to go and have tea and cake and a think....potentially exciting!
Drove round to Mt&H's to see the babies and we played and chatted to them til bedtime and I did the bath (funny to have Mx catching on to the 'Engerlish wiiiiine' song from when Mt&T were little) and put them to bed whilst Mt&H went out for dinner and the cinema. Mx being very funny - he can find the camera on a phone, flip it to take a selfie and then takes photos of himself saying 'cheeeeese'! (extra). AR has been at nursery today and was chatting about going to look at some big schools soon (not for now - but to decide where for next September). We read lots of stories and then I crashed out on the sofa and watched some nonsense.

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