By TheOttawacker

Another day in Paradise

Hobbling around as I am at the moment, with one crutch under my left arm and a look of nervous fear on my face, the distance being covered on a day-to-day basis is minimal. I may as well just call this blog "The View from the Front Step" and be done with any pretence covering life.

Anyway, we are now experiencing the very definition of unsettled weather: one day sunny and warm, the next stormy and cool, the next sunny and warm, the next... anyway, you get the picture.

While I await an appointment with my doctor to book a colonoscopy, have the weird looking mole on my arm checked, and find out what is giving me chest pains, I am living a sedentary life. At least it is filled with books; I could be sitting at the computer getting angry at the world. 

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