By IrwellRiver

Pendle College Freshers

Today stirred up loads of emotions!

A few early hours at work and then we set off with a packed car about 11.30am - destination Lancaster Uni!

I drove because hubby has his foot in a moon-boot due to a ruptured tendon! He was determined to manage & help get our youngest settled in to her campus accommodation. Only I kept forgetting about his situation and would turn around to find him trying to chase us as best he could!

The campus was buzzing! We were greeted by a lovely college rep who took our daughter under his wing and showed her where to pick up her keys & welcome packs & helped us with the luggage! Tea & coffee was available straightaway too which was most welcome! Her room is spacious & bright with loads of storage and brand new furniture and she LOVED it!

We had a bit of time to ourselves to unpack & take her food shopping and then she was swooped away by another college rep! The college had everything planned for new arrivals...a group photo, a campus walk up to the Great hall for a welcome talk, a college dinner (lasagne), games & then a late party! No time for any long, teary goodbyes!

We, on the other hand, drove off to get a few things we had forgotten! Coat-hangers and an extra pillow case! We were obviously not thinking straight at all...and instead of searching on our phones for the nearest superstores, we just googled 'Tesco' and ended up spending at least 40 minutes driving through traffic jams & roadworks to a Tesco located in Carnforth! We decided that we may as well detour to Morecambe bay for fish n chips before heading back to post our purchases through her window, which she'd left slightly open for us (ground floor)!
On our way back to the campus we realised there were big superstores that we had driven past (just 10 mins away)! This is what happens when you're feeling emotional.

On a personal level, on top of all that I was feeling about my youngest daughter going off to Uni, a lot of memories and feelings were stirred up for me. This was my uni and even college! The new buildings shown here were built whilst I was on my year abroad and were ready for my last year at Uni. Life is so strange! If I'd have known then that I would be back 25 years later with my daughter & she would be moving into these same rooms!

We had a good drive back up the M6 & then A69 & got home about 10pm. We were shattered!

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