Everyday Life

By Julez

Spare Sunday!

Jeri has work today so we won't be going over to see them. We took advantage of having free time by doing something really exciting... No, of course we didn't! We went to Tesco!

Brian has had to do the shopping on his own (with a list...) this past few weeks since I have been working every night. I think he liked not having to do that, but I also think it was a lot cheaper without me tagging along!

Home for a relaxing afternoon now - even time for a bath instead of a quick shower!

We were hoping to go out to look for a decent Blip today, but with the weather as it is we decided against it! Bri ventured as far as the back yard, I stayed in with Minstrel and watched him get soaked! 

Takeaway tonight - early treat for Zeph's birthday next week, and Rugby League on TV.

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