Spacey Pics

By Stacebob


Well, today has been quite the disaster. Rich and I were supposed to be going to London with Phil and Kie today to attempt the Bermondsey Beer Mile, but Rich was quite unwell last night, my cold was kicking my ass and we both barely slept, so we couldn't go. On top of this, I was experiencing some pretty rough lady-pains so we were both feeling pretty awful this morning. (Throw in the fact that I felt terrible for letting Phil & Kie down and you've got one moody Stace.) Anyhoo, my day only got even more annoying as I realised that I was almost out of sanitary products. I need very specific ones because my periods are so heavy, but there weren't any available for home delivery. I went to the local pharmacy and 2 corner shops nearby, none of them had them either. I decided to get the bus up to the Co-Op and almost cried in the aisle when they didn't have any either. As I left, it started drizzling and I didn't have my brolly so I was super close to just breaking down at the bus stop. Luckily, I spotted the pharmacy near the Co-Op that I'd forgotten was there, and they had the items I needed! Saved myself a trip to the local ASDA, and thankfully it had stopped drizzling, but I was still ready to just curl up at home for the rest of the day. Which is exactly what I did. (Though, of course, in my mood I had forgotten to buy painkillers so that kinda put the kibosh on any sense of comfort for the day...)

Took this picture in the wind at the bus stop; despite my moodiness and how rough I was feeling, at least I still looked kinda cute!

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