By davidc

The "Treacle Market"

Macclesfield has two nicknames - "Silk Town" (as it once had a thriving silk industry) and "Treacle Town". The latter refers to an historical incident centuries ago when a horse-drawn wagon overturned and spilt its load of treacle onto the street, after which the poor are said to have scooped the treacle off the road.

As a consequence of this nickname, ther street market which takes place on the last Sunday of the month is known as the "Treacle Market", although whilst wandering round the stalls after lunch we didn't actually see any treacle being sold. We were, however, intrigued to see the stall in the photo selling "Cigar Box Guitars". The photo, being taken on my phone, isn't the best but the sign says, "...they are real three string guitars made from old cigar boxes and recycled wood often used by old bluesmen but good for any kind of music. They are easy to play and a whole heap of fun, why not unleash your "Seasick Steve", you know you want to"! (I hope you're not too disappointed that we declined the offer.)

The Town Crier seen in the diptych was certainly earning his living, going round the stalls ringing his bell and announcing their wares at the top of his voice. If I tried that I'd end up with a very sore throat by the end of the day!

Otherwise we spent time this morning & this afternoon visiting Mum-in-Law. This afternoon we played Scrabble with her - she beat both of us but my Editor was giving her a fair bit of help and I only had about 6 consonants in the whole game.

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