A day in the life

By Shelling


A friend of mine in the village, had her birthday today and I woke up to a message in my phone saying I was welcome to "eleven coffee" with her and her husband and a neighbour friend to celebrate it. It felt so "normal" to be  invited to spend a few hours chatting over some coffee and bread. It made me think about how important friendship is and how much meaning these relaxed meetings creates for us. 

It''s the last day of the harvest festival that has been going on since Wednesday and the traffic is heavy with long queues on the bridge. All of us living here are staying out of the roads today, being the most intense weekend of the year.

In the afternoon I did the washing and made some apple sauce before doing my yoga. I can't say I do yoga every day but certainly most days of the week. Usually it feels good to do but today was a struggle and a bit painful. No day is like the other, I just have to accept it and  go on. I comforted myself snuggling up with a lovely quilted pillow I bought yesterday at an art exhibition from a friend of mine who makes them herself.

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