By Shutterup

It's been raining

Woke up to rain again this morning... dull and dark and it progressed to being altogether stormy with huge gusts of wind battering everything.  So, it was a good day to be spent mostly indoors doing some framing.  I spent ages trying to separate the framing tape from its backing tape... until l worked out a cleverer way. Instead of just picking blindly at the edges getting crosser and crosser at a) not being able to see properly even with glasses on b) not having thin enough nails to do the separating job easily!!!  Finally it was suggested l use a scalpel blade to cut through one layer allowing me to bend the backing tape and easily lift off the tape... phew!!  That more than halved the whole job!

As the result of being busy all day l haven't looked at much else and certainly haven't taken any photos other than damaged glass on frames so l thought this was more interesting!! (not much!)

Looking forward to the coming week where plans hopefully come together and move me on to new adventures!

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