Lovely time with AR and Mx playing with L who was staying at K’s house. AR and L so pleased to see each other and chased around the garden, did drawing and sticking and giggled their way through some popping candy. Mx followed them around like a little puppy and didn’t know what to make of the popping candy!
When we got home I dithered around but decided I needed to go and see P and help him out. What with his leg injury and Diesel’s flea infestation he certainly needed it. Started with lunch, then he took Diesel out whilst I started cleaning and spraying everywhere. Moved on to taking the car for a clean and valet, then sprayed that too, before changing the dressing on his leg. As usual he felt a bit as if he’d been in a whirlwind but I did feel I’d helped and that he needed it.
Home, whacked out! We got an Indian takeaway...very tasty...then I nipped round for chat and tea with K.

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