By SweetArt

Li River Cruise

Today on the agenda was the famous Li River Cruise which takes in some of the most amazing scenery around this part of the world.

The cruise was three hours long, with lunch served on board.  It was a scorchingly hot day, which meant time spent on the top deck was minimal.  But we did got some amazing photos.  The boat stopped in Yangshuo which was a quaint little town.  I think the boys have stayed here.  There were a few of the tourists who were getting off here and spending a few days. 

Some pics of the town centre are added in the extra.

A lovely day out enjoying the beauty of this place. We headed to the pool when we got back, cause we really wanted to have a dip to cool off.

Sadly we leave tomorrow, with promises to each other to come back again and see so much more. 

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