Orla's first outing....

....and the standard was high (I hope she doesn't expect this every week).

Kath and Tony booked a table at the Roe Deer weeks and weeks ago for Sunday lunch, well before Orla was born. They had almost forgot about the booking with everything that has gone on in the last week, with Orla being born and Kath loosing her job at Thomas Cook. Gemma is away in Poland so they asked if we wanted to join them.

We were so unsure whether to go as we'd not really been out with Orla, especially in a nice plush restaurant with other diners to consider. We braved it on the condition if she started to cry one of us would attend to her and leave the restaurant area.

She was a good as gold though, she stayed asleep in her car seat whilst we ate then continued to sleep after our meal in Tony's arms. Top marks little Orla but what is to be expected when your name means Golden Princess.

I'd say that was a 100% success.

Mr Bo Hingles

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