By schorschi

At Last

In the last 10 days or so, the maize/corn harvest has started and very slowly we are getting back our countryside form this evil "foreign" plant.

I think most know I hate this form of "immigrants" which have no place in our pre-alpine countryside, nor for that matter in most parts of the world for the purpose most of it is used for - to artificially fatten beef/cows and "feed" biogas units to produce electricity which were built with subsidies when we all believed they would be fed with waste rather than plants, causing land rental prices to shoot through the roof & put many small dairy farmers out of business. Never mind the damage it does to our soil and crawling & flying bugs with all the poisons & artificial fertilisers it consumes.

And we taxpayers continue to subsidise the biogas ... but luckily the 20-year price guarantee time-limit is slowly catching up on the units & the spring 2019 Bavarian referendum on bio-diversity has now kicked into law. Hopefully, they will now return to using waste for useful purposes.

Rant over ...........for now but suspect it will reappear in the coming weeks as the main harvest gets underway.

PS Please note this maize is not sweetcorn!

Taken on the evening walk with the Alps in the background.

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