By YellowBalloon

Jolly Bakers

These two happy ladies are the bakers in Beamish Museum's bakery.  They look as though they really enjoy their work.  We bought some rock buns from the shop and are going to have them with our afternoon tea.

I have enclosed a few extras from our visit.   Love those big prams.  I just think they look so comfortable for babies compared to today's smaller ones.  Mind you, not easy to be pushed around and hauled up stairs and no getting on buses with them. 

My third extra photo is of the bandstand at the museum.  Silver brass bands come and play there at various times during the year.  Lots of parks used to have a bandstand at one time.

The fourth extra photo is for an advert for distemper - a form of paint that was widely used at one time.  I can only vaguely remember it.  Apparently it could be painted on any surface and was inexpensive.  I think there are still forms of it around today.

The final extra photo is of the school mistress from Beamish Musuem School.  We chatted to her  for a bit and she was telling us that whenever she leaves the school she puts her hat on as in the early 1900's it was thought improper for ladies not to cover their hair if they were outside!  Thank goodness times have changed.

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