By MidgeholeDave

The Electron

Whilst in Burnley today I decided to see if a bit of my 'wayward' past was still in existence.  Not only was it still there, but doing good business as far as I could see.
This was THE place to go to buy your Rock'n'Roll vinyl LPs in the 50s & 60s. Inside there were Listening Booths where you could request what music you would like playing. The booths were big enough for two - three at a squeeze - and great for wet Saturdays......
I did spend some money - I think LPs were between 27/6d and 37/6d  (£1.38 / £1.88p) - a lot of money when you were only earning around £6 per week.
45 rpm singles were a bit more affordable - 6/6p (38p).

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