By Ingeborg

Teatime is me-time ...

'Teatime is me-time', that's what it says on one of my boxes with tea, and it is true that when I relax during the day I usually have a cup of tea with me :-) For Mono Monday with its theme of Relaxing and with thanks to Nickimags888 for hosting in the month of September.

I promised to have the AT222 results today and here they are; thanks so much for all the 'cropped and rotated' efforts, you all did very well ! This coming Thursday is the first one of the new month and thus there is no theme, you're free to post any kind of abstract you like :-) The tag will be AT223

Here's the list of last Thursday's special entries:
gordo                    play of lines
DonnaWanna      cropping,rotating and mirroring
davidc                  pipe- and cable lines abstract
SandraSuisse     play of lines and shadows
Inverculain          capturing the abstract on the floor

Thank you very much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's stormy ICM Blip !

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