Walpiri Lands expedition, Day 1

Our group met up early in Alice Springs, and drove out east to this wonderful campsite - maybe the best in the whole 3 months! 
The mountain is Karrku, or Mt. Stanley, and is near the Aboriginal settlement of Nyrripi. There's someone's swag right on the left of the image.

We had an Aboriginal elder/guide with us, which was marvellous. All this area is 'Permit only', which is somewhat like getting a visa. With Otto being with us, we visited some sacred sites that we'd otherwise have not seen. He's also a well known painter. I did get an astro photo of Karrku that I love, but I was asked not to put it on social media, so I can't. It's a very special place. 

There is an ochre mine high on this mountain, which I suspect is only accessed by men. I understand that they are responsible for supplying the women with the ochre that they need. Ochre was traded from way out west, to east, along the 'Trade Route' - well known to them, but it wouldn't have been 4WD accessible!

There's a second photo in Extras, of our guide, plus another fellow traveller.

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