Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Lies! Fake news!

Interesting day. I made granola for the guests, and some raspberry jam using frozen berries and pectin-laced sugar. Easy peasy. Even though there wasn't a lot of time before we went out for our pizza date with Rose, I made carrot and lentil soup for tomorrow when the guests arrive. It poured down all day and I dodged the drops to get the red house totally ready and remove the silly things littering the entrance. I got the A5 card ready for October's collage artcards and generally did everything needed apart from hoovering the front room. I pulled out the big chairs ready for a final hoover behind them.

We set off to drive to town and meet Rose for a meal out before going to my teacher's lecture on "what is a book" at the archive, and all was well in the world. Apart from the rain pouring own, but that's due to stop before tomorrow when Mike and Charl arrive, so no worries. 

Keith's phone goes as I'm driving and an odd, one-sided conversation takes place. I struggle to understand it, but it appears the visitors are waiting for us at the airport and are wondering where we are! They arrived Tuesday, not Wednesday as you can clearly see written in great anticipation in the diary. We collected Rose from work, dumped her at home and high footed it to the airport feeling both puzzled and a bit miffed. Poor friends, hanging around for an hour in the tiny, mostly closed airport! No idea how we mixed up the days but I thought to myself, it's only an hour out of their lives and we will all get over it!

Grateful to have their house ready.
Grateful to have made soup.
Grateful to have visitors who have travelled far to be here!
Grateful that they took it all so well.

We have had a splendid evening, they thought the red house was so cute and lovely,  the soup perfect and they have gone to bed knackered after a very early start. We are still wondering how we could have mixed up the dates. In future we will have to ask for a copy of flights or something, so this sort of mix up can be avoided! We had planned a lovely picnic on the delta when we collected them tomorrow, but since it was tipping down today we skipped that bit!

The emergency blip is the breakfast table, all set and ready for off! Planning is our watchword! The hosts from hell somewhere very weird!

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