By aharr1cd

Welcome to the Pi Store

Apple has the Apple Store, the new Windows 8 has the Windows Apps store and Raspberry Pi has the PI store, but no Pukka Pies, just software how disappointing...

Anyway last night went well after checking with Mark Sanders I downloaded the new version of Whezzy from the Raspberry Pi site to my spare SD Card, inserted the Wifi Nano into one of the USB slots (leave just one), so I had to plug in the keyboard first then go into the GUI using 'startx' swap over to the mouse then swap back to the keyboard to type in the router SSID etc and then back to the mouse, I was quite impressed that it didn't crash.

Now I've got my Raspberry Pi connect to the power only SUCCESS. I can connect to it via the iPhone/iPad using SSH or VNC.

My YouTube track today is Queen - We are the champions, live

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