By Wildwood

Stones of Spring Lake

The two teachers who own the Pilates studio where I go and teach all the classes are justifiably trying to rearrange things so that they can have a little more free time. Sonya has five children, several of whom are now in high school, and Sherisse ) has three children and is just hoping for a weekend away once in awhile. The last time she and her husband went away for the weekend, their son broke his femur playing basketball and they had to rush home.

The result of all this was that Monday morning's class was cancelled, and today's was full before I signed up. Feeling decidedly tired and lethargic, I decided a brisk walk around Spring Lake was the answer. The weather was beautiful, if initially chilly, and the still lake reflected the blue sky. The lake is fairly low this time of year, revealing lots of the stones which line the water (and fill the land on the slopes of the Mayacamas Mountains seen here).

There are signs warning us not to swim or allow dogs to swim in the lake or drink the water because it contains blue green algae, what contains a powerful neurotoxin which has already killed a couple of dogs...just another sign of climate change and the warming of the water.

I decided to walk across the dam rather than next to the lake figuring a wider view would be the preferable one.The hill to the right of the clump of trees on the far side of the lake is just behind our house. The extra is of a mom with infant twins in a stroller and a little girl  on a very small bicycle whizzing along very proficiently just ahead of her.

By the time I got back, Blake had arrived, delivered today by Jim because he and Dana are  going to the Oakland A's (baseball) all-or-nothing 'Wild Card' playoff game. Jim says he has never seen them win a playoff. I hope tonight will be a first for him.  If they win there will be more...lots more.

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