Life in Canada

By MissMacPic


Have you ever tried to use a feather boa to keep you dry?  Me neither.  This little squirrel looked adorable trying to keep the rain off her with her tail spread over her back and head.

The weather was dreary till about 7 pm....when the sun came out very briefly then disappeared again. That sort of matched the mood at work...lots of 'heat' about work to rule.  It got really confrontational for a while.  Such a shame.  There is no need as we are basically all on the same team.  We received word that we would be going out on strike on Monday....then negotiations magically started to happen again. So crossing fingers....

In extras, was the big surprise.  E.O. was walking down the path and flew up into the tree. When I went to take a peek at him, he was there but so was another one!!  Could it be a lady heron love?  Very interesting...

Happy Hump Day :))

D x

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