Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Collage October

I am so happy to be making collages this month, it is my big love of this year really. We have visitors though, and that means I can't spread all my stuff out and expect them to eat breakfast around the piles of cut out paper.

Anyhow, these are the first four of the month. I have made a few in advance in case the social demands eat into my creative mornings. We are having a lovely time with our old friends. We hadn't seen them for over 30 years, till last year when Mike was 60 and we turned up as the surprise guests. Since we get along so very well it remains a mystery why we haven't shared space. Job demands etc we suppose, but we are all grateful for time together now!

We ate out in the late afternoon with Rose, our chosen family member. We had a lovely time chatting and sharing tales of derring do and adventures, in far flung places (Peru, Libya in their cases, Blackburn in mine!) So lovely to introduce our friends to each other. And the food was good as well, the Syrian restaurant is always pretty good, today we had a half price deal so it was even more delicious! We bought dessert which we don't usually do, so we contributed to their survival a bit at least.

It has rained all day off and on, and sleeted, and also hailed a bit. It's an interesting time of year, but much warmer weather is on the way to us so I guess winter isn't here yet. I'm sorry to be a poor commenter at the moment but the  visitors go home on Tuesday next week and I feel I want to concentrate on them in this very short period of time. We are talking about Blip a lot and I think we are convincing them!

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