By WharfedaleBex

Chuftee cold!

Winter boots - check
Winter gloves - check
Winter tights - check
Winter cap - check
Winter jacket... Hmmm... I want to wear my new autumn garish one as it's only been chilly enough for it once.  I will wear it!  Hmmm... mistake! It was full on winter cold right from setting off, right to getting back home.  It was so cold, I had on two lightweight jackets over my garish top so you couldn't see it anyway! Doh!

With a dash of inspiration, I pulled out my emergency thermal base layer from the (fresh) poo bag (amazingly versatile, a poo bag) in my back pocket at the cafe and stripped off for the last 20 or so miles home.  Garish won in the end.

It was a throughly fine outing but I've burned a thoroughly HUGE amount of calories keeping warm. It's amazing the difference in energy consumption despite not actually getting cold.

Off to get some dunking biscuits and a cup of tea.

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