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 ............. Friday4_2019   (FF4_2019)

Cut flowers, in a vase, on the windowsill.

After a myriad (well, as that actually means 10,000 for the pedantic ones amongst us - me - so really not QUITE that many) of tests the hospital consultant has confirmed that the latest episode was actually a (proper) stroke not a TIA.
We got a phone call at 18.30 on Tuesday evening from the consultant herself - the National Health is really working for us on this occasion  - and Himself was asked to go for a carotid MRI on Thursday morning at 08.00.   Then we had to go to the stroke unit to speak with her - there will be another bigwig pow-wow on Tuesday but, from what she said, it's going to be surgery.  Don't know when but v. soon I suspect.

Her question to him was "Are you able to lay flat and still for four hours?"  His reply  "If I have to"    ......
  .....   it seems this operation is done under local anaesthetic  - OMG  -  I would be terrified if it was me.
Not sure he's at all keen (who would be?) but, as he says, what has to be done, has to be done.

I've spent the last two days in a state of flux.
We are making progress though which is good.

I'm actually posting on the correct day today (my own challenge so I feel a bit of an obligation - lol)  -  I do have some gaps to fill and I do have photos for them so will get down to that tomorrow and Sunday - possibly even trying to get another FF ''sprinkling'' done as well for the 20th September!

Hope you all have a great weekend .........

~ Anni ~

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