hello again

By admirer


in a big chinese book I have.  It's full of amazing painting. There are only chinese signs, so I can't read the titles or who did these paintings. But I don't mind, the illustratations are uplifting and beautiful.
I bought it in 2001 or 2002 when I had to close my antiquarian bookshop. It is a treasure which I from time to time open and enjoy it.
The whole day it rained, sometimes softly, sometimes louder.
Mischa phoned me and our whatsup face time was cancelled. Perhaps we'll talk on Sunday.

Thank you Anni _BikerBear for hosting this glorious challenge.

Tomorrow the 5th of October a new Silly Saturday Challenge.
The tag is #SilS157, or #SillySaturday157, and #SillySaturday will do too.
I am looking forward to the amazing silly scenes, signes, humans or animals you will find.

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