David J. Rose

By djrose007

That should keep them out of trouble!

You always see the twins, Isabella and Harriet, smiling and laughing but even in this play area it's not always like that. Those wooden chairs are hard and while they are at this stage of hauling themselves up to a standing position they often miss their grip. This results in 'bumpy heads' either against the furniture or the glass windows. You can even make out a line of bruise on Harriets right forehead (she's on the left.) where she caught it on the chair.
It's awful when they do it but they never cry for long, even when you can see it must have been a painful bump.
They are really good girls the vast majority of the time and only cry when they are hungry or tired, which is reasonable as they can't tell us in words yet.
When they have a sleep, either a nap or at night, they are an absolute joy in the morning. As soon as you walk into the bedroom they have huge beaming smiles on their faces, just love them to bits.

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