By Artyfartyannie

Kniphofia Yellow

The gardens that I like usually have a lot of uprights and are minimalistic.
I have a long way to go as I love so many plants that do not fit and I keep buying bargain plants. The plants are not so expensive but a ton or two of the right soil is expensive !!!!! and that is where I spend our money. The results have been worth it.

Today I cleared up after our joiner sanded and planed the staircase that he built. He would have done it himself but I wanted him to go and get some painkillers for his knee which was sore as he had knelt on something hard.

Otherwise we have 2 of the Grandchildren with us as the parents are away to Ireland to spend time with my Granddaughter's Mum who will be 80......
Makes me think of my own mother's 80th birthday with us.......what a lovely person she was............. 

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