I had a routine blood test this morning, followed immediately by an occasional blood test, it'll be nice when people stop sticking needles in me!

After lunch, and a bit of Murray tennis from Beijing, we went to Wilmcote to visit Mary Arden's Farm.  It was very quiet and we had a nice wander around saying hello to the pigs, goats and chickens, plus Bill and Ben the two donkeys and, of course, the birds of prey.  I like this Autumny picture of the farm house and I added a crow I spotted into the extras. He had obviously found something glittery to his liking, maybe it's a jackdaw? 

On leaving there we drove to Hill Farm Marina to have a cup of coffee/tea in The View cafe.  As we were leaving I spotted a black swan on the grass by the water. I haven't seen a black swan since the last time I was in Dawlish, anyway I've added another extra of said swan.

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