Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Out and about

This time by the sea, in the forest, on the bare bedrock, in the cave, on the cliff top, down by the splashy sea, among the ravines and squashy mosses. The geological trail never fails to impress; glaciation, fossilised beaches, bent and twisted pines, bits of snow falling, sunshine breaking through. It's very cold, but bright and clear too.

This area is quite rough and ready, and demanding if you think a trail is a path. We were following part of the Härnö Trail, a race that is taking place tomorrow. (7, 14 and 21 kilometres of racing about the place). Some of the gang think they might like to see the race start at 11 tomorrow, I will be otherwise engaged. Probably getting the workroom ready for a session with Charl later in the day. 

The men have tree-felling plans. Our neighbour, who owns the trees, has given us permission to remove a few dead fir trees that are not so pretty to look at. It takes ages to clear up and deal with the wood, but they will make a start if it isn't too windy.

We have been playing games in the evenings, Mexican Train, Continuo and Bananagrams so dar. We have people challenged by figures (me) and people challenged by spelling (Mike & me), we have highly competitive people (everyone but me) and no sore losers which is good. So far no fighting.

The extra is what Swedes call "pillow moss", the sort we put between the old double glazing units to soak up any damp that develops. It's a beautiful thing to see and feel. Everything was soaking today, water running in places we never see water as a rule - it really rained a lot in the last few days. So the moss is singing.

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