By chantler63


A Spanish lesson in the morning at a local community class. Quite a pleasant group and the teacher was very sweet - her English was so poor though that it didn't make our understanding easier. We'll probably go again.

Then it was to a pub in Marsworth for lunch with friends. Good time catching up although the food was distinctly mediocre. I took Pepper for a walk on a different footpath to usual for the blip - we enjoyed it.

The remainder of the day I've been working on a Power point presentation for a talk I'm giving next Tuesday to a camera club on achieving my ARPS. I can't quite get it to go smoothly but I think I'll have to leave it was it is. I said I would send it off to the club's projectionist ahead of the talk.
Very late now so l'll check it first thing in the morning and then email it.

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